Conference Services

Our team’s 25 years of experience has had us participate and experience every aspect in attending and running a conference. This knowledge allows us to provide services such as: Directorship, Rapporteuring, Approvals and Technical Management. Setting up a conference and then growing it is extremely hard. As such, our guidance is designed not just to aid the current conference but lay the ground work for future years. Below is a summary of our possible services.


A Rapporteur is a beneficial role for a conference of any size – both established and new. Based on an advisory role, a Rapporteur resolves issues that occur during a conference as well as filling in any additional roles as needed by the Director or Secretariat.


Approvals is one of the trickiest areas of running a conference, especially as it grows in size, and vital to make flow smoothly. We have extensive experience running Approvals Panels, managing between 50 and 1000 resolutions. We also provide knowledge on most topic areas debated in committees.

Technical Advisor

MUNiverse are a leading force in creating technology for Model United Nations conferences and training. Our team can build a marketable web platform for your conference before the event along with competitive hosting services included.

Full Conference

Our team will help you build the conference you want from the ground up, working with you every step of the way with assistance throughout. From admin to technical services and so much more, we will cover whatever needs your conference has while providing you a strong, improved, framework for the future.

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