Welcome to the MUNiverse

MUNiverse is a new innovative start-up specialising in the educational simulation of Model United Nations. Spanning a collective 25 years of experience, our team have experience in training hundreds of students and running large conferences in the United Kingdom. As well as training, our revolutionary technology designed and built for MUN conferences has proven to increase productivity and remove strain on the administrative tasks necessary to run a conference. We also offer an online training resource that covers all aspects of MUN training, which schools can subscribe to on a yearly basis. For those schools that have conferences, or the desire to set one up, we can help you organize your conference. Whether helping in an advisory Rapporteur role, helping to run your Approvals Panel, or even aiding you to direct the whole conference. In addition to physical conference services, we also offer innovative conference software that makes the registration of delegates and the running of your conference, large or small, that much easier.

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